A bright red Ferrari

As Soeur Holt settles into a new area we struggle to remember all the different people she refers to in her emails. We have to constantly refer back to earlier posts to remind ourselves who everyone is. So with that in mind we will start with an update on three of the people that Soeurs T and Holt were teaching last week. All three individuals were invited to meet with the missionaries by a family in Guadeloupe and they have been very involved in the teaching.

There was a young lady and a young man who had accepted the invitation to be baptised.

With the young lady we had a great lesson about the priesthood and auxiliaries; and a good job we did; we asked her who has the authority and she said Soeur T and I, so then Soeur T asked her who do you want to baptise you who has those keys of the priesthood, and she said Soeur Holt. I was honoured but we needed to clarify a couple things and taught the lesson and we hope she understood.

On Saturday we headed over to Abymes for the baptism of Teresa who is actually one of the best friends of the young lady we had been teaching- the young lady we had been teaching shed a few tears of happiness all in the hope and thoughts of her baptism in the coming weeks! I loved it too because it gave Soeur t and I to see all of those amazing abymes members who I have missed so much!!

The young man is still working towards being baptised too. Saturday afternoon we had a lesson with him and his girlfriend’s mother in the park. He basically taught himself with us adding a scripture here and there- advantages of having an investigator who is dating a beautiful returned missionary.

The Sisters had also taught a young man last week, and they continued to teach him this week. He started the lesson with loads of questions about missions how soon after being baptised could he go; where could he go; what can we do etc. Then he asked us about temple marriage and if his family could come and what he could do with that situation- France had a similar situation as England that you are married legally and then go to the Temple for the sealing. A lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ and an invitation to be baptised on the 24th February accepted!! yesay! He is so cool! Later in the week he came to the baptism in Abymes and loved it!

That is the carryover from last week all caught up with. One of the things that we had emailed with Soeur Holt about was her calling as a Sister Training Leader. She referred to some of this conversation in her email this week. Looking in my study notes the only thing that I took notes on was daddy’s leadership advice from last week. Servant leadership: love and serve the Lord and the people in our callings.

I think this is more evident in the church, but I still try and apply it everywhere- there is a concept called servant leadership- I encountered this many years after living it. It is the kind of leadership Christ exemplified- that’s why I like that in the Church we talk about serving in callings- we are both serving the Lord and the people around us. It is the counter cultural idea that as leaders we are to serve rather than wield it as a stick with which to beat people (see D&C 121).

Be willling to apologise and be honest that you are not perfect and make mistakes. 

I liked the part where daddy talked about how we show that we have listened and I reflected on how it is so easy to listen to a point of view push it to one side and then move on with your plans. How can I show that I have listened?

Soeur Holt has two p-days to report on this week, last week we took Soeur Layne (one half of the senior couple) shopping so that we could show her what to buy and what things she could get that are like home etc.  She came with a long list and so we spent 3 hours in the supermarket (like Tesco extra- huge) we got everything we needed and everything she did too. She was very kind and bought us lunch in payment for our time- Pizza Hut- yes please!!

This week all the Sister missionaries in Guadeloupe climbed la Grande Soufrière which is described as an active stratovolcano on the French island of Basse-Terre, in Guadeloupe. It is the highest mountain peak in the Lesser Antilles, and rises 1,467 m high. We’ll have more of a report next week but they looked to have a blast, and one of the members who went with them sent some photos.

Last week’s Family Home Evening was with the family Desir. Kindest humblest family ever- they have one teenage son Diemjy 17 who is really funny and preparing for his mission. We played beaver tails and spoke about the spirit using Helaman 5.30; AND THEN WE ATE bokits!!!


Tuesday morning it was Soeur T’s birthday; I had locked her in the room the night before so I could set up the balloons and I had bought her a joke present- a little red Ferrari (she loves red cars!).

Later we watched President Nelson’s announcement as President of the Church and then had time to nip to Mcdonald’s for Soeur T’s birthday lunch before watching the press conference. Contacting in Saint Rose- spoke to a tennis mom who moved here to Guadeloupe for her son to play tennis because apparently it is the best in the Caribbean. We spoke about the Book of Mormon and when I called her yesterday she said that she had read until 1 Nephi 17- cool huh! Downside- she is always busy running round after her son! Home and studies before singing and blowing out the candles for our 24 year old beautiful Soeur Tepapatahi!

24 Happy Birthday sr T

Church was great- I translated for Sister Layne during Relief Society and I think I might have to make that a habit because rather than day dreaming I was really engaged in the lesson that was based on the conference talk search the best books.

We also had a mission leadership training via skype- we need to keep to the covenant path and build our faith in Christ.

I love you all stay safe healthy happy!!!

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  1. Marie Stubbs says:

    I love it when I see an email from Sister Holt. She is so full of life and has grown into such a wonderful person. She is a great ambassador for the Church and a great example for other young women thinking of going on a mission.


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