Those who teach and serve often learn the most!

We were excited this week to see a picture posted on Facebook that showed that Soeur Holt received a parcel we had sent to Guyane.


Zone conferences meant a movement of post that had arrived in the meantime in Guyane, I received my Christmas Eve package [the package was to be opened on Christmas Eve], I love my pyjamas!! They are beautiful- I hope you enjoy the model picture that we took!! [This photo didn’t arrive but will be added next week when it comes through]. At least we know that the post gets there…. Eventually!

It was Zone Conference in Guadeloupe this week- we always get lots of photos from Sister Herrington and also from Soeur Holt.

The focus seemed to be on the principles of commitment keeping, the power that come from short powerful testimony, the importance of having a vision and hope in the work we have to accomplish here and how very essential it is that we LOVE people with all of our heart. Soeurs T and Holt as Sister Training Leaders ran a section based on the question ‘why is there hardship?’ and ‘why is life hard sometimes?’ We counselled together and found three scriptures as a group Mosiah 23.21, D&C 122.7-9, and Mosiah 24.14. I think this was my favourite part about zone conference as we say it is often the teacher who needs the lesson!


They continued to meet and teach some remarkable people this week. One lady was a single mother with 5 children who works as a maid at a hotel whilst her partner is in prison. She spoke a long time with us about how she finds the strength through prayer. Such faith! Sometimes the Sister missionaries are able to lift the spirits of people they meet. Tuesday: that morning we visited with an elderly couple- she is very sick at the moment and so we go and sing and brighten up their day. A heart attack for the Eclar family and Soeur T was my getaway driver after I rang the doorbell. I will never get over the thrill I get from doing these- we saw in the rear view mirror Soeur Eclar running out waving at us to come back and then seeing the hearts! Halfway back home she called to thank us.  Soeur Holt hopes that such visits help people to know that they are loved and appreciated for all their efforts. Everyone deserves a gate full of hearts!

heart attack for the eclars.JPG

They continue to work with the young lady who was preparing for baptism. On Monday our FHE was with Soeur Victor, the young lady and her friend (she only speaks Spanish! so Dora the Explorer and Handy Manny played a major role that evening along with the gift of tongues obviously!) We spoke about the temple- the young lady who is preparing for baptism is so excited to go to the temple and it is right in her city in the Dominican Republic. We spoke about how she could work at the temple if she wanted and she does!! She makes us laugh and we love her! Later in the week we taught her with the senior couple- it went well and it definitely put my French translation to the test!! We went through the questions for the baptismal interview but she told us that she was scared because she had a doctor’s appointment the next day and she thought she might have an infection in the scar from her recent operation. The Sisters saw her again the next day and she can’t be baptised just yet because the doctors want to reoperate.

On a positive note we had an update from French Guiana- Charlanda had her baptismal interview this week and will be baptised on the 3rd– I am so very excited for her and jealous that I can’t be there beside her!! But perk of being an STL- the sisters call me with updates!!

There are two young men they are teaching who are preparing for baptism. We taught him with Ode just before Institute [a scripture class for 18-30 year olds], we went through the baptismal interview questions, the Spirit was so strong and Ode testified to him of the blessing that can come into his life through membership in His church. We are waiting on the date of his baptism but he is so ready and really is working on his own personal testimony!

The other young man we taught with Soeur Kasonga and kind of did an obedience/ repentance/ word of wisdom lesson with him. We read Alma 32 together and it was really cool to see how he has already planted the seed- he has already started to live the word of wisdom and he already is seeing the difference he recognised the amount of fun he has with his friends within the church compared to before (he spoke about his night club experiences!! haha)

One of the contacts the Sisters made was a 20 year old lady with a new born baby- she was super open to receiving our message and loved hearing about how the gospel of Jesus Christ could bless her and her baby’s lives. Really sadly we went back for another lesson later on in the week and she was in the hospital with her baby who had sickness problems! Scary stuff!

Two birthdays this week: we had made another cake for Karim Versaille’s birthday and then another stop to Jonathon Montredon’s home who turned 20 with a cake and some candles.

This weekend Soeur T and I had a great experience within our role of STLs and leadership. After organising the exchanges with the Abymes sisters we received a call asking if we could rearrange some of the plans. We fasted and prayed and counselled together- we also read scriptures of the importance of humility and to not have fear of men. We learned the value of listening to others and showing through your actions that you have listened within leadership but also never to just acquiesce immediately just because someone asked. We made the decision the way that the Lord wanted us to.

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