Déjà vu

Soeur Holt said goodbye to French Guiana and returned to Guadeloupe this week. So here we are again sat at the computers in Baie Mahault, the entire week seems to be haunted by a feeling of déjà vu, highlighted by the fact that yesterday evening we contacted a Jehovah’s Witness lady who remembered me from last year! haha

In her last days in Guyane she was able to say goodbye to a number of members and continue with her missionary work.

On her final p-day we drove into Cayenne to go to the museum; not the greatest but there were some interesting pieces including a mould of a tortured slave’s foot, who was eventually executed!

There were some final appointments- one was with the pregnant lady that we had met during contacting but she was at the hospital and had her baby that day! We had a really fast FHE with Soeur Mirta who was really very sick but welcomed us anyway because she knew that this was my last opportunity. Suivi with the family Linzau (I found out that I have been spelling it wrong this entire time!). Then a visit with mami, Charlanda and Trinity who had gone and bought me a beautiful wooden box; it is now one of my prized possessions!

Again, we are so grateful for the love and support that so many members showed her in Guyane.

Soeurs Holt and Reep had two contrasting experiences while contacting on Tuesday morning. We met a cool Haitian young woman who goes to the Baptist church but we read the Book of Mormon with her- she was really impressed and spoke about the importance of her Saviour. On the other hand they met a man who was rather argumentative, I hate it when people tell me that I have been brain washed and I am only saying what I have been told to say! It really frustrated me! Don’t you dare insult my intelligence in that way to say that I can’t think for myself…any way another reason why I haven’t been exalted yet!! haha

Wednesday was mostly traveling, we packed up and headed to the airport Soeur Reep and I didn’t really have a goodbye as she was going to Martinique in an effort to avoid the situation that happened with me last transfer so when I stayed on the plane to keep going to Gwada she passed by me and we said our quick goodbyes. One funny thing- I got all of my baggage through no problem apart from that fact I had forgotten that my precious left handed scissors were in my carry on! They were confiscated and I was left very embarrassed! Like daughter like father- my first trip abroad I was stopped in Atlanta with a Swiss army knife I had in my carry on- I had visions of the scene from Are we nearly there yet:

On arrival in Gwada… bokits!! I have missed these beautiful creations so much!

Slightly bonkers then we went back to the Abymes apartment where Soeur Moore and Soeur Atkins met us to make the switch of apartments cars and phones… back to Baie Mahault with Soeur T. We hadn’t realised that Soeur T was also moving area. The area that Soeur Holt is now serving in is not the same as her first which was Abymes, rather it is the area where she served with Soeurs Needs and Robinson while still covering Abymes branch. She now attends the Lamentin branch.

Thursday morning we loaded a mattress into the car and followed the Elders to transport it to the senior couple’s new apartment! Some missionaries are retired couples who support and help the younger missionaries and help the members in the area. We are excited for Soeur Holt to serve alongside the senior couple- we have seen the blessing that they can be in our own ward.

As well as contacting Soeurs Holt and T were able to reconnect with members of the branch. One was the Desirs family to reintroduce ourselves- they gave us Soeur Desir’s fruit juice which has been a subject of my dreams over the past few months! We then passed by the Sesoran’s (an older couple in the branch) Soeur Sesoran was actually in the middle of dying her hair so Soeur T jumped in to help using another of her many talents!

That evening we taught a 21 year old young man and a friend of the famille Montredon (this family are amazing- the elder daughter served in the London South Mission and has only just recently returned), he is really cool- we reviewed the restoration.

Friday we did a little exchange so that Soeur Moore could come with me in Baie Mahault to do weekly planning and give us the low down on what we need to know about the area. Later that day we were supposed to watch the funeral of President Monson but I spent most of the time on the phone- Soeur Krusher was arriving in Guyane but Soeur Reep’s flight had been cancelled- we were calling everyone trying for someone to change a flight- in the end we found a member in Guyane, Soeur Mondongue, who would stay the night with Soeur Krusher- transfers are never easy!

There are two people who the Sisters are working with who are preparing for baptism on 3rd February. One is a 20 year old man who is friends with the Montredons- we taught the word of wisdom; he had a question about toasts at weddings or new year with the family and his returned missionary girlfriend, Ode, was a great asset to us in that lesson! The other is a young lady who was a referral from her family in Salt Lake City. She is so sweet and is teaching me Spanish- she is from the Dominican Republic but her family all live in Utah- she went to church there during one of her visits. She has quit smoking and now she is ready for her turn to ‘take the plunge’- her words!! haha

Church was amazing- three of our friends came and this branch is the branch of leadership! I had the Area Seventy, Elder Gamiette, sat next to me during gospel doctrine!

Souer Holt is overwhelmed by my call to be sister training leader I started studying the section in the missionary handbook that talks about the role of missionary leadership; it talks about how a leadership position is an opportunity to serve, develop greater love and above all learn. I read in Ezekiel 33-34 and loved it! It talked a little bit about repentance and then I loved the verse 16 in ch 34 talking about the atonement. However I really liked the comparison between leaders and watchmen, then our responsibility to feed the sheep!

Then in my reading for the Book of Mormon- Alma 27.5-6; the people when mourning their loved ones in their deepest sorrow found strength and courage in fasting and prayer; I think we can all take a lesson from their example!

Finally, Soeur Holt’s mailing address has changed, please feel free to drop her a line:

Soeur Eleanor R. Holt
4B Allée des Almandes
Section Bellevue Villasoly
Petit Bourg 97170

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