Oh! We’re going to Barbados!

Last month Soeurs Holt and T attended Mission leadership Council via Skype. This week they were able to attend in person in Barbados. Mission Leadership Council is where all of the missionaries called as Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders meet together to discuss how best to move the work forward in the mission. Councils are really important in the Church as a means to ensure that all viewpoints are heard and that decisions are made as guided by the Holy Spirit and according to the Lord’s will. There are many types of councils such as family councils and Ward councils. Soeur Holt explained that the MLC was mostly run by us, the missionaries, and each companionship ran discussions. It was really engaging with lots of role plays and interaction; one of the most edifying meetings I have ever been a part of.

I felt a strong impression that I need to refocus my efforts personally in applying charity and developing the pure love of Christ. How can the people that I meet daily see the likeness of Christ in my countenance? Specifically as well I wish to try and make my prayers more Christlike. As a disciple of Christ I am always striving for a more perfect obedience to his commandments.

I have really reflected on the diligence that I show through my efforts daily. Especially with the end of both our missions approaching the time is short and I want no regrets, I want to have given my all. Essentially the key is the quote from President Hinckley’s father “forget yourself and get to work”.

Soeur T and I lead a discussion based on the authority and eternal truths from the First Vision as we engaged the MLC- Soeur T and I really are trying to apply and recite the First Vision throughout our proselyting efforts daily. 

There were also a couple of other things outside of the council- when we arrived In Barbados Sisters Thomas and McGinn picked us up and we headed over to grab lunch from a super sweet cafe that reminded me of all the hipster cafes in the northern quarter- so English.

lunch in barbados sr t sr holt and sis mcginn sis thomas

That afternoon Sister McGinn and I had the chance to work together we contacted mostly but also visited a member and spoke about 1 Nephi 3.7. They dropped us off at the mission home and we hit the sack!

As part of MLC We also took an excursion to the look out where Barbados was consecrated last week by ELder Dale G. Renlund and had some time to look around, as well as a devotional by President Herrington.

the dedication of the country of barbados took place here...

On returning to Guadeloupe I really felt something powerful as we were driving home from the airport; Guadeloupe has truly become part of me, it’s not just that I was again driving on the right or that I was speaking French but the rolling mountains (volcanos) in front of me as I drove down the motorway, the clear skies and sunshine ; it just felt like coming home. I love this butterfly island and I think she will always keep part of my heart.

She had a piece of advice for people preparing to serve missions. That evening we had a sport activity as a branch and Soeur T was in her element playing basketball while Soeur Holt played football with the children (advice for youth preparing to serve a mission- learn how to play basketball!). An effective evening with a few contacts and lots of friends of members invited.

We had a funny experience this week- we went to an appointment with Soeur Eclar only to see through the gate that our friend had double booked us with the Jehovah’s Witnesses!! We had to laugh and so we got to contacting spoke to a lot of people whilst it chucked it down then headed back to teach her a lesson about the Restoration- more that she has a Heavenly Father who loves her.

At Church Soeur Kasongo bore her testimony about how much she loved meeting with us and how much she values the spirit and love and strength that we bring to her home. We laughed when we visited her this week because at the end of every lesson we ask if there is anything that we can do for her and she always says no but this time she told us that we do everything already in helping her each week bring herself out of her problems and into the things of a greater importance. We taught gospel principles about prayer and got lots of compliments for our lesson (very proud)! We ate and studied, then headed out to work- Soeur T got out to do my back up into a parking spot [when reversing the missionaries always have one of them outside of the car to guide them out of the space safely] only to see that my front right wheel was completely flat- as the independent women that we are, we changed the tyre then headed on our way only to realise that the air was low in the spare- that meant driving around to at least 3 petrol stations where all of the wires were torn off the airpumps before we had to call the Elders who have an electric pump.

What a palaver! Home and weekly planning.

Love and miss you all so much- have a great week!!! xxxx

sr hootini sr holt sr hawkins and sr tepapatahi


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