’Twas the week before Christmas

This week was very exciting for all of us and also for Soeur Holt, on Christmas Day we got to Skype.


Because of sound issues we decided not to record the entire call but we recorded a short message from Soeur Holt.

We were thrilled to see how happy she was, how well she looked and the remarkable woman she has grown into. We were also able to share some really exciting news with her- she has received offers from several universities of her choice to study International Relations once she comes home. In her absence, we had applied on her behalf . Soeur Holt likes to have plans in place and to be organised so not having university courses in place will have been problematic for her. Her reaction to the news was priceless!

Back to the week before Christmas, and as Soeur Holt describes it: A bonkers fun filled week so let’s get typing!

The week started with an aeroplane ride to Guadeloupe where we arrived at 5pm and from the entire airport experience I learnt never to travel during the Christmas season; crazy and stressful!! As part of her advent parcel Soeur Holt had received a Christmas elf who went to Guadeloupe for the ride.

On arrival in Guadeloupe we headed straight to grab some bokits obviously and then onto the apartment where we had a little breathing time before p-day ended.

Being back in Guadeloupe Soeur Holt was able to reconnect with members that she loves so much. That evening I headed to the Verger family home with Soeur Krusher for a fhe. Their son Kilian had left on his mission this past Wednesday to South Africa, so we shared Alma 17.9 with the entire family and ate some good pizza!! Side point they remembered me!! Haha!!

Tuesday was really strange because we gatecrashed Guadeloupe’s district meeting and so I got to see some old faces: Soeur Atkins, Soeur Moore, Elders Madsen and Nakamura. Elder Nakamura gave a good district lesson on helping people overcome addictions.

For lunch Soeurs Krusher and Reep made rice and my favourite Tahitian dish sauce roquefort!

I was working with Soeur T, so strange being back with her it was like falling back into an old pair of shoes- the unity and rhythm etc. Strange but I loved it! An amusing note at my own expense- we’d picked up a member for the other sisters to go and teach with- she was so happy to see me and told me all about her latest doctor’s appointments!! I was sat in the back of the car in between Soeurs Reep and Krusher. Soeur T was driving with the lady in the passenger seat. Inadvertently she uses the name of our Saviour in an inappropriate way and so Soeur T asked her “What about Jesus?” I was in the middle of drinking and it just got me; Soeur T being sassy in English- I was in hysterics! But because I was in the process of drinking I couldn’t breathe and so continued to choke for 30 seconds before being sick all over my lap!! So hilarious!!

Soeur T and I got to work contacting a lots and lots of houses walking and talking. We met a cool lady called Francise who accepted us in and we read with her in Mosiah 14.5 she seemed interested so hopefully the sisters will begin to teach her.

That evening we had our exchange review; I love Soeur T!! I am so happy that she is STL; I know I have said this multiple times but I cannot believe that Heavenly Father counted me worthy to serve alongside these spiritual giants i.e. the Soeurs!!

Wednesday morning I worked with Soeur Krusher- we visited Soeur Longidy- she was sweet with us and we were able to sing a carol for her; lots of suivis before lunch. Soeur T and I cooked bangers and mash! That afternoon I taught a lady with Soeur Krusher- she was really cool, we read with her in Alma 18 and we asked her how she can relate to the king; it was a good  lesson with lots of inspired questions!

Airport and home…

On returning back to Guyane the Sisters continued lots of finding and teaching. Examples include a lesson with Soeur Emmanuella- we taught the restoration then in the evening a lesson with Dada and Loonuv- we read together in Alma 38. We also had a lesson with a girl called Rodjia- when we introduced her to the Book of Mormon she told us to wait a moment searched her phone and then showed us a picture of her and the Book of Mormon and that apparently a friend had given her in Brazil; she was so happy to get another one!!

Friday evening was the talent show- we had 5 friends there- Mami lazou and Dada, and the Ebar family. Such a great evening- slightly bonkers- I loved it!


Saturday afternoon we went on muffin runs to Christophe, Dea and the family Lazou.

Photo 019

That evening we went carolling with the Elders and Soeurs Mirta  and Aimee, and Frere Charment to lots of people who don’t come to Church anymore; it was such a cool experience and everyone loved it!

Sunday was Christmas Eve; Church was great- the choir sang and all of the talks were very Christ centred, there were 123 people there- the chapel was packed! Our ami Soeur Emmanuella came and she loved it.

Soeur Holt’s description of Christmas Day isn’t very helpful for the blog: Christmas – you know basically from what I told you!! They began the day with a breakfast with all the missionaries where they opened their packages.

They were then able to spend the day with different members. She described a Brazilian feast for her Christmas dinner. We are so grateful for the members who opened their homes to the Sisters and showed them such love.

She was also reflective about the birth of Christ at Christmas and making sure we have the Christ in our Christmas.

Photo 018

I haven’t really spoken about the Light the World initiative but Jesus is my light even though that sound so cheesy! Jesus Christ is the light of the world; I love the scripture in Mosiah 3.5-8; it explains perfectly that Christ came to earth to experience a human life with a body of flesh and bone with all of the suffering. I have truly come to realise that even his birth with a body is a part of His atonement for me. Every time that I have a sickness and affliction; He, through His perfect life, can have perfect compassion and understanding for me in my situation and therefore can perfectly help me to overcome my problems through prayer, fasting and as He demonstrated having full confidence in the will of the Father.

My other spiritual impression for the week came from our Christmas film- Moana; such a beautiful film but all of us missionaries found it quite prophetic about our lives on a mission etc. For me when the grandma appears in spirit to Moana and sings the song about knowing a girl from an island… I welled up!!

It went along nicely with a scripture I read this week Mosiah 13.3: I have not accomplished the mission that the Lord (in Moana’s case the ocean) has assigned to me and so I have to keep going serve 18 months and therefore go home with no regrets!

I have my calander this year and I love all of their beautiful faces even if I dont recognise some of them now_ THYANK YOU-º-º

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