No ordinary week!

This was no ordinary missionary week for Soeurs Holt and Atkins. They had conferences in Barbados and Martinique (it’s a hard life!!!!): A really strange week this week with only one day really spent in our area. Honestly this really stressed me out, to stay in a hotel all week and not be able to call the friends we have been teaching or members [international calls and a mobile phone don’t go well together]. However having said that all of the conferences that we attended this week, and even the work we did with the sisters in Barbados, have taught us and impressed us to make certain changes in our area to improve the work!!

The week began and ended in French Guiana though. P-day we woke up and went to meet the elders to go hiking at a ruined plantation…

Then the Elders picked us up literally at the end of p-day to head to the airport; off we went to Martinique.

It was Saturday before they returned home again. Home- lunch and studies before heading out to teach the young man who is getting ready for baptism. He is finally out of hospital, is still really excited to be baptised and has so much desire; we are just worried how we can’t fit all the lessons in for the 25th!!

On Sunday we swung by Dahana- she is doing well. Then to Soeur Sandrine’s.

Back to the flight to Martinique. The sisters picked us up at about 9.30pm their time and we headed back to the apartment where we had a lovely catch up with Soeurs Reep and Hansen before hitting the hay.

Tuesday- woke up normally but had no time for exercise, we got ready then went straight to the airport. We arrived and met the Guadeloupe sisters. For a moment we were all teenage girls meeting our best friends after being apart for a long time!! Soeur T, Soeur Hootini, Soeur Moore, Soeur Krusher and Soeur Robinson!!

A running theme throughout the week is that I count my blessings, and count myself so unworthy to be classed as a French speaking sister in the Barbados Bridgetown Mission- these sisters are amazing!! And I am one of them!!

Lunch at the mission home when we arrived in Barbados.

Photo 013

I met the English side stl who is English too- her name is Sister Johnson and she is from Leicester!! She is so cool, and I might have tried to convince her to go to university in Manchester!!

the other enlgish sister missionary sister johnson!!

That afternoon I relived Abymes and went contacting on foot with Soeur T- I was her English helper, we met some really cool people and I really hated speaking English!! We got a tonne of photos this week, even more than usual, and we soon learned why. That evening the sisters set up a lemonade stand with cookies and we contacted all night, you will notice I gave Soeur T my camera all week basically- so she caught me contacting an old man at a bus stop in one.

Wednesday was Young Sisters’ Conference…really such a great opportunity to meet all of the English side sisters and really receive instruction specifically for the life as a sister missionary.

A focus was our divine nature as a daughter of God, and helped me understand that my mission is helping me to become the character I need to be to return to Him- He is refining us. The conference was split into different discussion topics run by sisters or President and Sister Herrington. These included:

  • Self-esteem and self-worth D&C 18.10
  • Being guided by the Holy Spirit (D&C 42.14)-  don’t wait around act!! always be constantly guided and always remember Him
  • What does it mean to be a successful missionary?- faith, repentance, preparation, love, repeat!                

To finish off the evening we had a testimony meeting; I bore mine but in French- I hate speaking in English!!

Thursday we worked with Barbados sisters- Sisters Fuller and Smith; they are really cool, Sister Fuller is hilarious! Soeur Atkins and I went contacting with her in the morning and then after a lunch of chicken quesedias [always about the food] we went with Sister Smith and taught three lessons, in one we discussed how a lady could fit in her reading of the Book of Mormon and why it is important using 2 Nephi 32. We met up with the other sisters in the hotel and grabbed ice-cream before saying our goodbyes.

Friday morning was studies before the Herringtons picked us all up to go to the airport. We arrived in Martinique, said goodbye to the Guadeloupe missionaries who were heading on home and we went straight to the church for a joint zone conference with Martinique.

The theme for the conference was the importance of the Book of Mormon based on Elder Nelson’s talk from this past General Conference: what would your life be without it?

For me the Book of Mormon is a book of revelation and answers to prayers, and it contains the fulness of the everlasting gospel. It has POWER!

We are so grateful for all those people who have remember Soeur Holt and her upcoming birthday this Friday. Thank you to you all for all of the birthday wishes…. 20!!! I have received one more box from you, the box from grandma and grandad, and an envelope from Liz Powell who sent me chocolate and hot chocolate with a birthday card. They all keep staggering in one by one so I hope that everything [we’d sent five parcels] arrives safely by Friday!!

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  1. Jenny Moore says:

    I love that these girls love each other so much!! Souer Moore said she didn’t like speaking English!!
    These are amazing missionaries!!!


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