Preparing for baptism

This past week for Soeur Holt and Atkins has been mainly focussed on preparing the young lady they have been teaching for baptism. Because of the lateness of this post it means that the baptism will take place tomorrow (Saturday 14th). Although they were so excited for her to be baptised the Sisters wanted to be sure that she is ready, prepared and has a real desire to do this. Soeur Holt mentioned that they had some really spiritual experiences with fasting; I fasted twice this week but one was a cheat as I drank water… I fasted a lot for our ami; I had a lot of questions; I thought that maybe we were pushing for her baptism more than she wanted it and more specifically that we were going against the Lords will for her. I fasted that she would know God’s will for her. I found a scripture along the way that I though was just so poetically beautiful Isaiah 58.11:

And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.

Through our fast the Lord will satisfy our thirsty soul.

Due to the fact that we were preparing the young lady for baptism and her interview I got to teach some lessons that I haven’t taught for a long while. I definitely saw the benefits of studying and teaching specifically for this young lady’s needs. For example in the Gospel of Jesus Christ I loved Alma 32.21 that it is not a perfect knowledge of all things but hope in those things. I think she worries about not knowing everything but she has hope and she has faith and she has a testimony of this Restored Gospel. Also Ether 12.27 was perfect for her and the fact that the atonement and repentance can help us become stronger and better really helped her.

There were lots of lessons spread throughout the week to ensure that this young lady was fully prepared. She understood and had a testimony about all of the fundamentals but she thought that the word of wisdom was not saying swear words and speaking kindly to others. Which I can see logically but it meant that we taught the word of wisdom [our health code including not drinking alcohol, tea, coffee, using tobacco and eating healthily] within the context of obedience. Really great lesson again with a really amazing member Soeur Bienvenu

We also taught her with Soeur Dabreu, the Young Women’s president, about tithing. Soeur Dabreu shared some really cool miracles that have occurred with her and her husband as a direct result of paying tithing. She also shared the example that if we had ten oranges and then give one to the Lord he then squeezes the orange for us and gives us back the juice diluted as well so we receive even more than before!!! On another day we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ with Soeur Aimee and Frere Charment. The testimonies of these members were so powerful it was amazing!!

Then we taught the law of chastity with Soeur Alcide- another great member; and finally the sabbath day with Soeur Souverain.

People may sometimes have the impression that missionaries are eager for baptisms. Indeed this week I had an email from a parent who had been put in touch with me through one of the religious education charities/ organisations I work with. She was asking what baptism was, what effect it would have on her child, and how could we be sure that it was what he wanted? I was able to share some teachings about baptism and also some of Soeur Holt’s experiences.

Baptism serves a few purposes within the Church: it is the first step in a person’s membership of the Church and is also for the remission of sins. It is viewed as a covenant between the individual and the Lord. A summary of the covenants based on scripture are below:

 Baptismal Covenants
What we promise What the Lord promises
  • Willing to be called his people.
  • Bear one another’s burdens.
  • Mourn with those that mourn.
  • Comfort those that stand in need of comfort.
  • Stand of witnesses of God at all times.
  • Serve God
  • Take upon them the name of Christ.
  • Always remember Christ.
  • Keep the commandments.
  • Be redeemed (forgiven) of God.
  • Numbered with those of the first resurrection (receive Eternal Life)
  • Spirit poured out upon you.
  • Souls sanctified (purified)
  • Always have Spirit to be with them.

Following baptism a person receives the gift of the Holy Ghost. This enables people to be guided, comforted and strengthened. To ensure that people fully understand what they are doing and that they really want to be baptised they go through a baptismal ‘interview’. This is with a leader who hasn’t taught the person. The review of all the lessons this week had been so the missionaries, and more importantly the young lady could be sure of the step that she was taking. She had her baptismal interview…SHE PASSED [it’s not really a pass/fail thing though]!!!! we asked Elder Madsen if there is anything we should go over and he said no that she knows everything really well!!

We’ll zoom through the rest of the week as this blog post is already very long!!!

Family Home Evening was with the Moreno family. The spiritual thought turned into everyone talking about what they appreciated and learnt from General Conference- a really great experience and it is such a testament that each and every one of us took something different and specific to apply from conference; modern revelations!!

Wednesday morning we picked up Soeur Atkins’ package.

Sr Atkins gets a package

Her family had even included some things for Soeur Holt- thank you so much!

sr atkins snr sent me a little something!!

We contacted and met a family of refugees from Saint Martin- we offered them our help in any way we can and gave them a brochure. The mum said that she was depressed and as she bisoused [kissed] us told us she was happy because she had found friends. That evening she texted us asking for the Mormon book so we headed straight over it was so exciting she was so happy to receive the Book of Mormon!!

the message from andrea.jpg

We taught her and her family the next day- we shared 1 Nephi 11.17:

And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things.

We spoke about hope and how we can overcome everything because we know he loves us; Soeur Atkins shared a great experience about how she fell in a fire pit at the age of five and the love of her parents gave her strength to recover.

The sisters continued to teach the young man who is preparing for baptism- we taught him faith and repentance with Soeur Bienvenu, his friend joined us- she is super sweet and loved the Portuguese Book of Mormon we gave her.

We invited the family we have been teaching to be baptised but they said they weren’t sure we invited them to read Moroni 10 and pray about it. They are still excited for the YW activity next week!!

We’ll close with some of Soeur Holt’s spiritual impressions from the week: I noticed during my Book of Mormon reading a lot of scriptures referencing how we receive spiritual inspiration and revelation- this is something that I am always trying to improve on. In 3 Nephi 11.3 we read about a quiet voice that pierced the soul and in Helaman 5.30 the same quiet voice pierces the soul. Helaman 6.36 the spirit is given to those who have the will to believe and receive. Finally I was impressed by the example of Nephi and Lehi Helaman 11.23 that they received revelation daily about true doctrine that they preached to the people. I want to achieve that level of communication with the Lord!

What a week!!

Love you- have a great week and don’t miss me too much!! xxx

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