18581837_1246388192136323_8044325292797554425_nThe post has been slightly delayed this week because of the events in our hometown of Manchester on Monday. Our thoughts and prayers have been focussed around those who have lost loved ones, those who are suffering and the senseless loss of life that this is. We emailed Sister Herrington on Tuesday morning and asked her to let Eleanor know that we were all safe, and that as far as we know all of the people she knows are safe. We also let the families of the missionaries serving in our ward know that they are safe. Sadly, for many families they are not so fortunate and they are coping with the loss of loved ones, including children. Our hearts, our thoughts and prayers are with them. We know that Eleanor will be hurting for her city and she will be praying for all of us. If you’re reading this in Guadeloupe and see Soeur Holt please give her a hug from us.

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