Leaving it all on the field

We didn’t really know what to expect from Soeur Holt’s last email. I guess, in some ways, we thought that she would just be talking about the prospect of coming home. The only clue came in the last sentence describing Sunday night: that evening I started packing… We should have realised that she would remain completely focused until the end! Not that she’s not excited but that she wanted to make every moment count. Two of the other sister missionaries in Guadeloupe commented separately:

“Because I have just recently realised how short my time as a missionary really is, I want to continue to work as hard as possible and never feel like I wasted any of the Lord`s time! That is one of the best things Soeur Holt has taught me as a missionary.”

“The last week of Soeur Holt, has been full of miracles. Soeur Holt is fearless in the work of the Lord, and we have not ceased to be diligent in this great and marvellous work.”

This is thrilling to hear but doesn’t lessen the excitement we are feeling for Friday at 9am! Indeed, as we write this Soeur Holt is preparing to board a plane from Guadeloupe to Barbados in preparation for her journey home.

I reread a scripture that I have always liked this week during my daily reading in the Book of Mormon, Alma 5.45-46, 48:

“And this is not all. Do ye not suppose that I know of these things myself? Behold, I testify unto you that I do know that these things whereof I have spoken are true. And how do ye suppose that I know of their surety? Behold, I say unto you they are made known unto me by the Holy Spirit of God. Behold, I have fasted and prayed many days that I might know these things of myself. And now I do know of myself that they are true; for the Lord God hath made them manifest unto me by his Holy Spirit; and this is the spirit of revelation which is in me… I say unto you, that I know of myself that whatsoever I shall say unto you, concerning that which is to come, is true; and I say unto you, that I know that Jesus Christ shall come, yea, the Son, the Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace, and mercy, and truth. And behold, it is he that cometh to take away the sins of the world, yea, the sins of every man who steadfastly believeth on his name.”

This is a powerful testimony of Jesus Christ and spiritual witnesses from Alma to which I agree whole heartedly.

Last week for p-day it was my choice and my idea was to get everything done so that I could be calm for the rest of the week and through strict time keeping we did it. We headed over to the point des chateau, a beautiful place with a view of the entirety of Guadeloupe from the cross.

A long drive back and we headed into point a pitre after washing the car to grab the very last souvenirs, weekly shop and then to Soeur Kasongo who has sold me a dress that she had shipped over from Africa. I don’t know what we’re expecting but this is the second colourful dress that Soeur Holt has mentioned buying before coming home.

On Tuesday we picked up Soeur Berchel, a slightly more wise and older member of the branch with lots of health problems, to go and teach a lady with us. It was a match made in heaven- they were discussing their knee operation and various aches and pains within moments of meeting. We then taught the start of the Restoration, she said that she had read but because of old age she cannot remember anything she reads afterwards, haha – I love teaching mamis! That evening we went contacting and ended up stumbling upon a lady who hasn’t come to Church for a long time; she has a lot of problems but I love feeling like an instrument in the Lord’s hand.

On Wednesday we visited a lady who had come to church last week; she didn’t like it and spoke about looking for a spiritual sanctuary rather than a community. Apparently we can be too welcoming! We read together in Moroni about why we go to church and also discussed giving another go after all you don’t give up after one try.

The sisters from French Guiana (Soeur Krucher and Soeur Christianson) came for exchanges this week; it was a very special 24 hours They are both so very diligent hardworking missionaries and for Soeur Christianson who is at the start of her mission I am so very excited to see where these 18 months will take her. They seem to bring out to best in each other. Soeur Christianson is the perfect example of Christlike meekness, ready to go and leap out of her comfort zone, searching for the needs of the people she teaches. Soeur Krucher is a shining light and energy that she shares with everyone around her. I shared Alma 38 with Soeur Krucher- in the same way that as Alma didn’t have a lot to say to his righteous son Shiblon I didn’t have a lot to share with her- keep doing what you are doing and remember to be bold. I hope that I am like that!!


During the day Soeur Christianson and I taught Christian with Ode we read in 3 Nephi 17 together and it kind of turned into a word of wisdom lesson. Then lots and lots and lots of contacting, but it was good because it also gave me a chance to get to know Soeur Christianson better.

Soeurs Holt and Reep continue to be blessed by their association with members. We were able to teach the Desir family about Alma 16.16; and obviously we got some of Soeur Desir’s homemade cherry juice before we left. Saturday morning- we taught with Soeur Eclar and I think she sent you a picture of us in action; it was a first lesson with a lady and we had a most awkward moment when the Jehovah’s Witnesses came and started doing a Bible study with her daughter across the patio!


Saturday evening Soeur Reep got her transfer call she is training a new sister called Soeur Cooper- she’ll be fantastic! I have loved serving with her. Soeur Hansen is solo stl! I also found out that Soeur Heno is engaged!! arrrggghhh! Soeur Heno is actually coming to stay with us this weekend to be there for Eleanor’s first Sunday home where she will be giving a talk in Church- it sounds like there will be lots of catch up with!

Sunday was a great day I had been asked to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting and two of our friends came to church.

A onlot solèy! Bisous xx


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