How can we become ministering missionaries?

What we didn’t realise, and we’re not sure that Soeur Holt did either, is that even at this early stage of her last transfer there will be a series of ‘last’ things. A couple of events of the past week have highlighted just how short the time is. This was the last Zone Conference of Soeur Holt’s mission: the focus was on ministry and how we can truly become ministering missionaries. The importance of continually having Christlike love and helping meet the spiritual and temporal needs of others. As I read John 21.15-17 I reflected on how I can actively feed the Lords sheep and also the idea that if you feed the lambs you don’t have to search for the lost sheep (I loved this idea as I thought of the primary class that I had the opportunity to teach for 2 years before coming on my mission, I love those children with all of my heart). I had also read in 1 Nephi 22.25 of how Christ leads us to pasture; I reflected upon this and what a pasture would mean in the spiritual sense- I think it means to find peace calm and comfort, to want for nothing. It is true that Christ is the only source for that. The recognition of it being the last came in my interview with President Herrington which was probably the shortest that I have ever had but he said that he was saving all of his questions for in a few weeks…thanks a bunch president!

 The other ‘last’ thing was Soeur Holt’s exchanges with the Martinique sisters, Soeurs Atkins and Hawkins (it was a tongue twister for the entire exchange). That evening I went contacting with Soeur Hawkins and met a cool Dominican old lady who had just lost a grandchild at 15 days old- so sad- we shared with her the Book of Mormon but only had French copies on us so promised to be back Saturday with an English copy.

Thursday morning Soeur Hawkins and I taught a Haitian mami who told me off because I dont speak creole she said if you want to preach her in Guadeloupe you NEED to speak creole!! I understand creole but I think she has guilt tripped me into making greater effort in learning how to speak- she wasn’t interested… then a lesson with Soeur Delice and the Haitian creole continued- poor Soeur Hawkins who is learning French for heaven’s sake, we shared a message on the Book of Mormon.

Exchange review No.1 before lunch and then with Soeur Atkins- we did some contacting and had the opportunity to visit Soeur Kasong- we shared with her a message about ministering and asked what she could do and what we can do for her to meet her spiritual and temporal needs, we fasted for her this weekend. Exchange review No.2 before collapsing into bed. We did something fun with Soeur Hawkins guiding us to find our spirit animals- mine ended up a snow leopard!

exchanges with martinique

A great exchange and some heartbreaking goodbyes on Friday morning… This will be the last time that Soeur Holt will see Soeur Atkins and Soeur Hawkins in the Caribbean.

This week we took the challenge given by President Eclar to speak to 200 new people. Although we didn’t reach our goal- we spoke to a grand total of 125 and this has motivated us that it is possible with hard effort and has reinforced the idea that we have to speak to everyone and not let one person pass us by without them knowing that we are missionaries for the Lord’s church.

Pday was spent with the Abymes sisters and they went to the bras de David- just a cool river-it actually chucked it down, but we had lots of fun singing children’s hymns in the rain whilst standing in the river.

That evening we met an au pair from South Africa who is working for a lawyer from Germany and a photographer from Czech Republic, normally they live in a castle over there but they are on a 3 month holiday in Guadeloupe, what a life huh!! If I fail university maybe I will just become an au pair…. she seemed interested as well she is getting married in a couple of months and we spoke a little bit about eternal families as well as the Book of Mormon.

A FHE with the family Desir we ate bokits and christophine (a vegetable that I had never heard of, or seen, before) we shared a thought about missionary work.

Life is never boring: Tuesday morning we went contacting and a lady opened her door completely naked; she hurried to put some clothes on and then burst into floods of tears…she has had a lot of trials in her life but basically her ex-boyfriend just got out of prison and asked her randomly to marry him; he did some bad things to her and she didn’t know what to do- she had asked God for a sign and she felt that we were it. We shared with her a couple of verses from the Book of Mormon and even installed the Gospel Library app on her phone she seemed excited to read and watch videos. We came away fulfilled that we had been instruments in the Lord’s hand to answer her prayer.

You may remember that Soeurs Holt and T had been teaching a young man called Mathieu. On Saturday morning he was baptised- I am so happy for him and the chapel was full with all of the support from all of the members who have grown to love him as well He was just buzzing all of Sunday after receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost!! Celebratory bokits with the zone on Saturday evening before getting back to work contacting and contacting and weekly planning.

Love and miss you all lots like jelly tots- bisous xxx

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