Smoothies and exchanges

The weeks in Guadeloupe seem to have a different emphasis as Sister missionaries from around the mission come for exchanges. This week the Sisters from Guyane came and spent a couple of days. I had the opportunity to work with Soeur Krusher. I have not really had the opportunity to work with her that much in the past so I was happy to get to know her a little better. She is a shining example of diligence and she is truly converted to the gospel. While cooking we actually discussed the moment that the two of us received our first testimony. She sees the blessings that come into her life directly from living the Gospel and has an overwhelming desire to share that with everyone around her. She truly has a light around her that she shares with others. It is lovely to hear of Soeur Holt’s interactions with other missionaries and the friendships that she is developing.

Soeur Krusher and I headed off to meet with a cyclist we had contacted on Monday night. Not only had she read the brochure but she had also researched the Church online. She had read a lot about the charitable and international religious freedom efforts of the Church and it really impressed her. Just about our meeting she said that she felt that there were no barriers between us; she is searching for a religion but wants to take her search in her own time.

That afternoon we had a lesson fall through so we headed on to do contacting with Soeur Marie Annette. She was so sweet and although nearly everyone rejected us- I think Soeur Marie Annette enjoyed working with us and testifying! That evening Soeur Kasongo we talked about the light of Christ using 3 Nephi 15-17 and how we can share our light. Home for an exchange review and studies! and of course smoothies made by yours truly!

It was transfers this week, I am staying in Baie Mahault with Soeur T [Soeur Holt will be spending Soeur T’s last transfer with her] and as we did our weekly planning our area has changed slightly. From now on we will be concentrating our efforts on just Baie Mahault. The Elders are opening up an area in Lamentin and St Rose! We both agree that we are excited to concentrate our efforts in Baie Mahault and hopefully that way we can use our time the most effectively.

We had a FHE with the family Desir. They had invited their two nephews who used to meet with the missionaries- whilst Soeur Desir cooked we played a game based on the plan of salvation.

The focus on the plan of salvation continued into district meeting. I really loved this district meeting- we discussed how we teach the plan of salvation and most importantly how we can concentrate on Christ throughout. I really learnt the lesson and it went along with an article from this month’s Liahona which described that Christ is the centre of the plan and without him the plan could not exist! I love Jesus!

This linked with Soeur Holt’s studies this week- I am in 3 Nephi and loving reading all about the Saviour’s ministry- he is awe inspiring. I had a moment of reflection one day about the meaning of when Christ says that we are the salt of the earth. I reflected on the fact that in the times before refrigerators and freezers salt was essential to preserving food not only could it preserve itself but its influence on others meant that it stayed and endured to the end. How are we like this salt? Then to pick a favourite scripture would be impossible- everything that came out of Jesus’ mouth!

The two young men that the Sisters are teaching continue to prepare for baptism. We talked a lot with one about why he wants to be baptised. The other young man had his baptismal interview and it won’t be long now before he’s baptised.

They meet so many interesting people while contacting- we met a Haitian mother of four who let me in to use her toilet and next thing you know we are teaching the first points of the Restoration. She is going to teach us how to make charcoal! Also a single mother who recently moved back from France and is searching comfort and strength- we shared the Book of Mormon and she was truly touched we testified of the fact that she can read and find that safe feeling of hope and love. Wednesday morning we went to the market in Baie Mahault (trying some new contacting ideas) it was good and we talked to a lot of people selling, the only problem was that all of the vendors come from all over Guadeloupe to sell their wares so out of maybe 10 contacts, 2 were in our area!

Church was interesting on Sunday as it came with a big surprise. A couple from our ward are on a Caribbean cruise- they docked in Pont-a-Pitre on Sunday and went to Church where they surprised Soeur Holt.

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