Cream Crackers and Condensed Milk

Soeur Holt believes she now knows… why I was called to preach the gospel in another language– she had been studying 1 Corinthians 14.19 which suggests we speak 5 words rather than 10000. In English I think I would just talk and talk and talk and regurgitate all of my gospel knowledge onto the people I teach but with French it forces me to simplify and bear simple but meaningful testimony.

No photos this week- so one we didn’t use from last week:)


The Sisters had a really good lesson with some new friends this week. A lady and her teenage son: she had already read the entire brochure on the plan of salvation and after we introduced ourselves and talked about the blessings that we have received because of the Gospel- she declared immediately that she would be coming to church; we were gob smacked this is the first time I’ve had someone invite themselves to church!! We introduced the Book of Mormon and they both seemed excited to read it!! Fast forward to Saturday: We had a really quick 10 minute lesson with them because of the bus where we talked about what would happen when that came to church on Sunday and what they had read in the Book of Mormon. Sunday’s highlight was when they came to church and seemed to love it; the young man was really integrated well in the youth program and they were both admiring the images in that chapel at the end of the services!!

Soeur Needs was going to Barbados for MLC; so Soeur t this time went to Lamentin in the car and I was with Soeur Reep on foot in Abymes. This reminds us of another scripture she shared with us this week: a little scripture that made me giggle… Romans 10.15: how beautiful are the feet; I can tell you that my feet are definitely not beautiful specifically with all the walking that we are doing at the moment!! The exchanges of the last two weeks also caused a slight issue for companionship inventory- this was interesting because we hadn’t been together the entire week!!

The first Sunday of every month in the Church is Fast Sunday- where, people who are able, fast and pray for a specific purpose; for example, you may fast for someone who is unwell or to receive an answer to a prayer. If my mission has taught me anything it is to never moan about fasting when I am home and not walking in the beating sun… This didn’t stop her mentioning food at different points in the week, the strangest (for us) was on Thursday evening Soeur T also received a package from some friends of the family and taught me to eat cream crackers in hot milk with concentrated milk added for sweetness. It was good but still strange- what the Tahitians have decided to do with the humble cream cracker!! Another unusual combination was grated carrot and chicken fingers cooked in the microwave. Nothing fancy but I really appreciated the effort.

It is always nice to hear about all the teaching Soeur Holt and her companions do, but we especially love to hear about her visits with Soeur Naffer. We shared a message on the atonement with Soeur Naffer and how Christ can help her with her illness- as members of the Church we recognise the reality of suffering and also know that the Saviour can give us strength.

Slightly funny situations for the Family Home Evening- we were really excited because we had organised a fhe with a single sister but when we called to organise lifts etc it came out that she had organised to come with us to the Bordin family!! So we had another fhe with the bordins. We did our typical flour game with Alma 7.14 we made loads of mess with the children but it was a lovely evening and Soeur Bordin always makes great food.

At one appointment we showed  our friend the Mormon Message “a history of the Book of Mormon with the bishop from London” the lady we were teaching told us that that man has the spirit of god with him. The Church is such a small world, as this Bishop is called Chris Cooke and is one of my (her dad’s) friends.

They also taught a mami who we had contacted called Jeanne she invited us straight in gave us water and coconut jam before telling us all about her entire family and their history here in Guadeloupe.

English class: I taught about the future tense and then fed my students another Victoria sandwich because my teaching was so bad. They all loved it and were very kind about the English class.

Coming from Manchester Soeur Holt is used to rain, but it seems as though the Caribbean is not so prepared. Thursday morning we were supposed to have a lesson with a man but he cancelled because it was raining- I am not sure if I have said this before but when it rains in the Caribbean everything stops- no one goes to work and missionary work is really hard!!

She has continued with her study of the New Testament. A highlight was 2 Corinthians 4.17: light afflictions for the moment makes us prepared for our eternal destiny. When I did Duke of Edinburgh I used to tell myself this on the hard hills (I think President Monson said it) “Short term pain leads to eternal gain.”

Love you all have a great week!! xxx 

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