Sister of a Sister!

img_4670Eleanor is the eldest of four children. Her youngest sibling, Martha (aged 10), wanted to write something about her feelings about Eleanor leaving to serve a mission:

Some people know me as a friend; some as a daughter or a granddaughter; some do not even know me; but only 3 people know me as their sister and one of those people is going away for 18 months to serve Heavenly Father in the Barbados mission .

In August one of the saddest yet happiest things happened to my eldest sister and role model .My family found out that on November 15th  my sister Eleanor would be leaving to serve a mission . Being brought up in the church I understand  the pros and cons of this and that it is an unmissable opportunity . I always knew the day would come when she opened that letter and smiled, after all ever since she was little she said that she wanted to serve a mission .

It will be weird for my  family but  the families of Barbados are in for something great- they have a smart, kind, loving young woman coming to teach the world . In primary I have learnt about the importance of missionary work and the effect it has on people .

I love her and wish her the best and look out Barbados a Holt is coming !!!!!!!!!!!

By Martha Anne Holt (sister of a sister)xxx

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